who we are

Here’s our story.  Yokebir Ice rims began development of our 23′ 9-24 Shock & Awe series rim in 2004.  In 2006 we entered our Chevy Suburban with Iced out ’23 rims, iced out grill, and iced out pin stripping in the 2006 NOPI Nationals car and truck show in Atlanta, Ga.  The skies were clear at the outdoor venue, nothing but sunshine.  That worked in our favor because the Ice rims, iced out grill, and pin stripes were putting on the skittle affect in the sun, and stopping traffic, and on-lookers.   Sitting on 23’s in the Suburban, we were up against tricked out Hummers on 30’s, Escalades on 26’s, and other  carshow trucks.   At the end of the competition the Judges awarded Yokebir Ice Rims the 1st place trophy in the SUV division.

Recently, Yokebir Ice rims has claimed top car show awards in local competitions.  Now we are here to offer award winning bling to the auto showcase industry, and rim enthusiast.